Robert Duran Jr. Headlines six-bout card in Albuquerque

Pat Holmes

Rick Wright

Promoter Pat Holmes returns to the “Duke City” tonight with six, four rounds bouts featuring the son of legendary Roberto Duran in the main event. Sportswriter Rick Wright wrote an excellent article in the Albuquerque Journal on Friday on the estranged relationship between Duran and his son. Duran Jr. is listed in BoxRec as Alcibiade Duran Galvan but is always introduced as Robert Duran Jr. before his fights. BoxRec lists his record as (3-1-0, 2 KO’s), but does not include his victory by four-round decision in London over Nicaragua’s Juan Carlos Santana (4-18-1) on December 21 of last year. The doors will open at the Mariott Pyramid Hotel at 5:30 tonight with the first bout taking place at 6:30. Yesterday’s weigh-ins were held at the Lava Rock Brewery in Albuquerque pictured above.

l-r) Duran v Vargas

In the main event Robert Duran Jr. (3-1-0, 2 KO’s) 150.4 lbs., Plantation, FL v David Vargas, Debut 155.6 lbs., El Paso, TX. Duran was very gracious in taking the time to talk to everyone at the press conference. He wrote his name as it appears on BoxRec on my notes. When he faced off with Vargas, he just shook his opponent’s hand and smiled. Clearly he is a gentleman and had no interest in trash talk with Vargas.




l-r) Martinez v Smith

Leanna Martinez (4-2-0) 108.8 lbs., Espanola, NM v Indeya Smith, Debut 110.6 lbs., Dallas, TX. Coming off two losses Martinez said she was anxious to get back in the ring and get a win. She said she was upset that her last fight was stopped, feeling that she was doing well at the time of the stoppage. She appeared to be in excellent shape as did her opponent Smith. If your not familiar with Martinez, your in for a treat. She has been matched tough most of her career and has some skills. This might be the sleeper contest on the card.



l-r) Quintana v Villanueva

Andres Quintana (0-1-0) 149.2 lbs., Roswell, NM v Angel Villanueva, Debut 144.8 lbs., Odessa, TX. Quintana is a highly decorated cage fighter who also likes to box. He stated that he hoped to box more than he has in the past, feeling he can do well. I know nothing about Villanueva.





l-r) Hill v McClain

Bryant McClain (5-2-3) 166.4 lbs., Rio Rancho, NM v Desmond Hill (5-0-0) 169.8 lbs., Odessa, TX. Their face-off had to be cut short as they had to be separated before coming to blows. Hill predicted a win by knockout, while McClain wanted to start fighting yesterday. Most people feel this should be the fight of the night.




l-r) Cornejo v Segura

Estevan Segura Debut 126.8 lbs., Santa Fe v Armando Cornejo, Debut 129.8 lbs., Albuquerque, NM. I know nothing about either of these young men, other than they appeared to be in good shape. A referee who wished to remain nameless offered his opinion on Segura. He feels the Santa Fe boxer has a fan friendly style, is a good boxer, but not afraid to mix it up.




l-r) Hall v Gonzales

Mario Gonzales (1-0-0) 156.8 lbs., Hobbs, NM v Shane Hall, Debut 158.8 lbs., Clovis, NM. I’ve seen Gonzales fight in the amateurs, winning the state GG’s tournament a couple of years ago. He can punch and likes to throw his punches in bunches. I know nothing about Hall, but he better be able to deal with pressure. The aggressive Gonzales will be bringing the heat and Hall will need some firepower of his own to keep his opponent off him.